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Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to empower Indonesian youth with the soft skills necessary to excel in their personal and professional lives. These soft skills can then be leveraged to make a positive impact in the community and society. We do this by providing a comprehensive and engaging experience.

Our Vision is to enable all Indonesian students & young professionals who are intrinsically motivated to develop themselves, regardless of current competence, educational background or social class. To grow by developing skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, leadership and networking. Through our innovative and interactive communities and programs, we aim to inspire and support the next generation of leaders in Indonesia.

KamiKademi is...

a Network of ambitious students and young professionals,

an Academy for the aspiring high achievers,

a Community that strengthens each other towards excellence.

the 4 pillars of kamikademi

About our Community

We are a group of individuals who are driven, motivated, and committed to achieving our goals and making a positive impact. Through KamiKademi we are focused on personal and professional growth. These are the 4 pillars the academy is built on.

English Focused

We are aware that excellent English proficiency is indispensable in this increasingly globalizing world. That is why English is the main language of our community.

Development Oriented

We are development oriented individual by focusing on continuous personal and professional growth and improvement. We actively set goals, proactively seek out new opportunities, and are not afraid to ask and receive feedback and support to excel.

Proactive Attitude

We are proactive in our thinking by taking initiative! By being proactive, we take initiative, anticipate the future, and pursue our goals. Our goals is also to inspire others take initiative and set goals.

Giving Back

We place a great emphasis on making a positive impact and contribution to our community, organization, or cause. We are willing to put in the necessary time and effort to make a positive impact on the world. By sharing our experience, knowledge, and skills, we are able to give back!

Shaping the FUTURE together...

Being part of the KamiKademi community means being part of of something great. Your involvement in the community gives you the opportunity to develop your personal, interpersonal and leadership skills.

KamiKademi needs you. Because together… we stand stronger!

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Enriching Webinars

KamiKademi organizes educational and professional development-oriented webinars. These webinars are intended to provide our members with new knowledge, skills, or insights on a variety of topics. These topics include: Networking, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Personal Branding, Communication and Negotiation Skills, and Time Management. Our webinars are interactive, fun, and educational, making them a highly unique experience.

Huge Network

KamiKademi aims to have a large and diverse group of individuals connected through the academy. Our network is made up of students and young professionals with a wide range of experience, such as living or studying abroad, entrepreneurial experience, and working or volunteering experience. This benefit is valuable for those who are looking to build their professional networks or connect with others who share their interests and goals.

Exlusive Coaching

KamiKademi offers personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions to its members. This is designed to help individuals achieve specific goals or develop specific skills or knowledge. The coaching sessions are done in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing. This benefit is particularly valuable for those who are looking for personalized and professional guidance to help them achieve their goals or advance in their careers.

KamiKademi - Develop Your Soft Skills to Accelerate Your Personal & Professional Growth !!

Frequently Asked Questions

KamiKademi Membership Questions

KamiKademi is a personal & professional development platform dedicated for Indonesian students and young professionals. We welcome anyone who is interested in joining. Generally, the profile of our members is as follows: Indonesian student or young professional, who is 18 years or older, and who lives in Indonesia or abroad.

These are not requirements to join the platform, however. As long as you are motivated, are committed to personal development and are eager to give back to your community.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or if you are not sure whether KamiKademi can be of value to you.


The official language of the community is English. Events and communication between members take place in the English language.

However, it is not mandatory for members to be fully proficient. Basic proficiency is sufficient to join the academy and to participate in the community.


By being part of the KamiKademi platform, you get access to exclusive offers, get the opportunity to meet unique people, and will stay updated about and developments. There are many benefits to joining the KamiKademi community, including:

  • Necessity & Urgency: In our increasingly digital era of globalization, soft skills are more important than ever. Going to school and following a study is not sufficient anymore. All over the world, quality education is missing because of the lack of qualified teachers, inadequate teaching materials, and lack of innovation and mobility in higher education. Developing personally and building soft skills is more important than ever. KamiKademi supports this journey by inspiring, training and connecting.
  • Support & Connection: Being part of an engaging community: joining the KamiKademi platform provides a sense of belonging and support. It is a fantastic way to meet new people, form friendships and build your professional network.
  • Learning & Growth: The community is built op of like-minded people. All members have some similarities and common interests, yet everyone has a unique experience. This makes it is a fantastic way to learn from each other by sharing knowledge, experiences, and expertise.
  • Fun & Recreational Activities: KamiKademi highly values learning through fun and makes the personal development & soft-skill workshops highly interactive and engaging. That way, learning doesn’t feel like school, learning feels like fun.
  • Safe space for growth: KamiKademi is a private, safe, and trusted platform. We provide the space to grow on a personal and professional level, for example by tackling personal struggles, by improving English proficiency and by sharing unique experiences together.


We offer a wide range of activities and events to support the growth and development of our members, including:

  • Workshops & Webinars: KamiKademi offers workshops & webinars focused on developing soft skills crucial for success in the 21st Topics of these webinars include time management, communication skills, leadership development, networking skills and other important soft skills. KamiKademi teaches the soft skills which are rarely taught at school.
  • Coaching sessions: we offer a one-on-one or group coaching sessions with our selected members, to help them identify goals and develop strategies!
  • Networking opportunities: we offer a wonderful opportunity to expand your network.
  • Online resources: we offer and redirect our members to online resources to help them learn and grow.


Community events and activities are only accessible to our members. Members receive exclusive offers and are always up to date about the events and activities of KamiKademi.

We know that there’s no time to lose! Be part of the change and join us!


Joining the KamiKademi community is free of cost. However, there can be fees associated with attending some of our high-quality events, webinars, and activities.


Community Involvement Questions

Please reach out to us if you are interested in becoming an active member.

We are happy to hear from you in case you have ideas, feedback, or suggestions!

Please reach out to us if you are interested in becoming an active member.

We are happy to hear from you in case you have ideas, feedback, or suggestions!


By becoming a member, you will automatically receive exclusive offers and you will always be updated about our events and activities.


Please reach out to us if you are interested in becoming an active member or a speaker for one of our events! We are also very pleased to hear from you if you any suggestions.


Investment Related Questions

The problem: Indonesian formal education is (often) insufficient to effectively participate and compete in the global stage.

Our solution: KamiKademi provides accessible quality education for all, by equipping Indonesian students & young professionals with the soft skills necessary to excel in both their personal and professional lives.


KamiKademi is providing a unique and unprecedented form of education to Indonesia.

We are anticipating the future by providing education that is globally-oriented, English-driven, and technology-focused.


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